Growing Up

Here’s my baby bear last year at this time.

Here he is today.

Next week the baby bear goes off to daycare.  He’s bananacakes and needs an outlet to run for several days out of the week.  We also feel that this will give him some much needed social skills.  Not to mention it will give Eric some time to do some house projects.  woohoo!  This makes me selfishly happy.  Should be exciting.  He definitely just jumped in the mix today when Eric took him for the tour of the daycare.  It’s not the montesorri daycare that I wanted, but it has some definite advantage.  First being that it’s only like 4 blocks away from us.  So super duper convenient.  No driving him into Madison every morning.  Plus I haven’t officially met the lady that runs it, but I’ve chatted with her on the phone and she seems great.  So yay to supporting local business!

Anyways, I’ signing off the computer for this evening.  I need a break.  I’m going crazypants!



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2 responses to “Growing Up

  1. bernadette

    you know he will be the sweatheart of belleville and all the grandmothers will be hooking him up with their grand-daughters!! you know how much fun it was for your daycare teachers to see you grow up in sparta!! the daycare won’t be perfect…they never are….as long as he is safe, loved and learning! hope all goes well with the rest of your week! ps…… when nana comes he may play some hooky 🙂 psssss…..amazing how fast he has grown….no more baby…he is a little boy!!

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