Miss you…

Oh blog, how I have missed you!

I owe you all some stories from the past two weekends.  They are all, of course, Indie focused. 

I let someone feed himself yogurt.  It was really quite funny and gross!

On my Ikea trip with my mom and dad, I picked up a little chair for Indie.  He quite enjoys it.  This is the chair that was mentioned in the poop story post a bit ago.  He likes to chill in it and watch Sponge Bob.

Next one is a funny funny story!  Indie was digging through the bags of produce from our CSA and took out the onions. He then proceeded to take a bite out of the onion.  We were waiting for the funny grossed out looks to ensue, but oh no he took another bite out of the onion.  I cut up a little bit of the onion and he ate all of it.  Weirdo!

Caught in the act of stealing produce.

Tasting the onion.  Yum tasty!

I tried to get pictures of the bites he took.

We went to our friends’ house for a birthday party.  Just some random pictures below.

Indie sitting in the grown up chair.  He’s really into sitting in chairs like a grown up, pretty funny.

Then Indie found a jeep to play in.  He’s super into cars right now.  Eric keeps having difficulties getting Indie to leave the little cars at the mall.

Here he is practicing safe driving habits of talking on my cell phone while driving.  He’s also super obsessed with my cell phone right now and “talking” to whoever it is that Indie thinks he’s talking to on the cell phone.

Indie was super funny after his nap yesterday.  We had to wake him up and he was still super tired when he got up and he refused to let go of his blanket.  So he ate his after nap snack with his blanket in his lap.  He does this really adorable thing where he tucks his blanket under his neck and then wraps his little arm around it and sucks his thumb.  So adorable! So, Indie was sleepy still and I didn’t feel like doing anything since I worked 85 hours Mon – Fri of this week and then proceeded to work about 4 more hours yesterday.  So we lounged on the couch and watched A Bug’s Life.   Indie curled up on the couch next to me, snuggled his blanket and sucks his thumb.  Oh my goodness, it was so adorable!!!  He did get a little nervous during the bird attack part of the movie so he snuggled up to me then.  Oh so rarely do I get these amazing baby snuggles!

I’m hoping to have a not so busy week this week and be able to take better care of myself.  Working these ridiculous hours is just, well ridiculous!  If time permits, I’ll do a happiness project update in the next couple of days.



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2 responses to “Miss you…

  1. bernadette

    oh we missed u 2!! will further my comment in the morning!!

  2. bernadette

    you just called my grandson a weirdo…making me smile!! see y’ll also laugh when he is slowly falling off a horse!!! oh, he is just loving the car! nana may need to buy him some wheels!!

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