Take a deep breath and brace yourself

It’s going to be a hell of a week at work.  I probably won’t blog much.  I owe you all pictures from this past weekend, a happiness update and I have an amazingly bad movie that I’d like to review on here (most funny content stolen from Eric’s commentary, I will continue to steal from him until he starts his own movie blog).  I may or may not get those in this week, but will get you something by this coming weekend.  Try to make it through the week without my witty commentary.

I came back from vacation to a bit of a crisis.  My approach crisis of this sort it to work really really hard for a short while and then get back to normal.  Some people prefer to spread out the work a bit and work a little less hard for longer.  That approach drives me bananacakes!  In my opinion, why drag it out?

But I’m sure I will have my dark moments throughout the week… Hope you have a less busy and complicated week than me.



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2 responses to “Take a deep breath and brace yourself

  1. bernadette

    the word bananacakes will make me smile all week long. will so use it as often as possible! hope your week isn’t too bad!

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