Happiness Project Update

In the midst of my severe vacation depression (you know that day when you wake up to your alarm and you realize it’s not vacation anymore?  When you question, why is it that you need material things in your life, why isn’t just loving your family enough and then you see the giant Ikea bags…. oh sad panda?  Then you realize that you are way more of an artsy hippie then you imagined, but you still need to put on your game face for the corporate job? yeah that’s my vacation depression), I thought it would be good to do a little happiness project post.  Can’t hurt to focus on being happy right?

So this month I wanted to focus on creating and preserving memories, spending more time outside and kicking up my working out.  I’m actually doing really good this month.  With the new camera I’m for sure creating and preserving more memories as I’m sure you’ve witnessed on this blog.  As part of preserving memories, I had originally planned to catch up on Indie’s scrapbook, but that just hasn’t happened and I don’t think I’m going to rush to try to fit that in this weekend to achieve something additional before the end of July.  If I look at the situation logically, I would say that catching up the scrapbook is a much better winter time project. Right now we have actual beautiful weather and I should be outside enjoying it.  Besides I can just look back at this blog to remind me of all the fun stories.

We definitely spent more time outside during vacation and it was fantastic.  The next step is to keep doing that especially while the weather is nice.  I will say that Indie and I did spend additional time outside when we got home from vacation that we probably wouldn’t have without this little incentive of the happiness project.  My major complaint is how freaking hot it is this time of year.  Perhaps this will give us incentive to visit the Middleton splash pad.

My working out is definitely been brought up a notch.  Boot camp is awesome!  I did skip it this morning because I just couldn’t deal with vacation ending at 4:30 AM today.  Boot camp also helps me with being outside as we go to the park in the AM to work out (unless it’s raining).  I’d say by far this is one of the better things I have done for myself.  Boot camp really suits my personality.  I like the peer pressure of the group to try my hardest (not that they intentionally peer pressure it’s really me who provides that on my own simply because there are other people there).  I also really appreciate the guys who run boot camp.  They’re awesome and encouraging and helpful.  They push you just enough to keep you moving forward, but also recognize when you just need to bring it down a notch.  If you’re in Madison, WI or the surrounding area, I definitely recommend you check them out at Fit Fun Boot Camps

July really is only half over, but I’m already thinking about next month.  Next month will be interesting as I am going to be entering an extremely busy time at work.  Well, actually that busy time starts this week.  I will basically be traveling every week until the first week in September.  I want to make sure I continue my happiness project, but that it doesn’t add stress to my life.  So for next month I’m keeping it simple.  Because I know I will likely have some highly charged emotions (I mean, really when don’t I even now?) my happiness goal for next month is to acknowledge my emotions as they happen and move on.  Not to bury them and let them build, but to see right now I’m sad, right now I’m angry, right now I’m happy and then to carry on with life.  Of course, if I’m happy right then, I will hold on to that emotion and now just carry on. 

If you’re working on a happiness project, what are your current goals?


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  1. bernadette

    starting reading the book today but had started my personal project in january. my first happy thought was to read more…and at the moment i have read a book a month and presently reading 3 books, which may take me a bit to read. one of the books is about a crocheter who is just zanny so thus the book is just fun to read. this reading experience has also extended into magazines…my new loves are southern living and costal living…great recipes and love the gardening and the color ideas are now influencing my next happy thought.

    i am now so sick of warm colors…which has permeated my color scheme for many many years. i am in process of changing the colors of my rooms from beige, beige, beige to blues, greens and grays….ohhh ahhhh….this is making me happy 🙂

    oh and i am so happy about new plastic Adirondack chairs…..and new happy cushions and happy signs all from big lots…on sale and an extra 20% off…happy happy happy!!

    my other and will close with this happy thought is that we had decided to be more physical this summer and have done much hiking, biking and canoeing and that physically… i have been able to do so.

    so thanks linz for your happiness encouragement and i look forward to reading the rest of the book and sharing our happy thoughts

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