Madeline Island – Post 6 (final)

Alas tomorrow I must go back to the real world of work.  It’s not even a pleasant “hey let’s tip toe back into the water and get used to it kind of week.” oh no it’s full on “hey Monday afternoon you have to travel hours away from your baby” kind of week, but at least it’s only until Wednesday evening instead of through Thursday evening.  I’ll take that positive note! 

Anyways, this post is just full of random bits that didn’t really have a good place in my other posts or would have made them way too long.  I could separate them into different posts, but then my posts would take more days than my vacation and that just doesn’t seem right to me.

First are pictures from the garden next to the croquet course.

I found the timer to turn on the fountain!

These flowers look like ballerinas to me.

Uh oh, gargoyle isn’t so scary with his legs chopped off!

Next we have the round of sunset pictures.

This is from our second night on the island.  You can see the ferry going across to the mainland.

I am looking for an inspirational quote for this one.

We put Indie in the sunset picture.  Didn’t quite work out as planned, but hilarious with the tongue sticking out.

Couple of random pictures from the town park.

This is the lagoon.  It’s really quite pretty and the water is the colour of sweet tea.  Not sure why, we theorize that there must be a lot of iron.

Mommy loon and baby loons.  These guys were quite entertaining.  The mommy loon would dive under the water and all the babies would follow.  Then you would start to see the babies pop back up to the surface one by one, then the mommy would come back up and they would start all over again.

The next set of pictures is where Indie schools us all in how to be a baby model.  They for realz need to do an America’s Next Top Model Baby Boy edition, because he would so win.

Warming up with this one.  Please note how we so dressed him appropriately in the baby beater, rolled up jeans and no shoes.

So emo and mysterious as he looks down contemplatively.

Strong, I know what’s going on over there stance.

Peaks around the corner to help solidify that I am the cutest baby ever.

Oh this kid is too funny!

I already have these being sent to me to hang in my office at work.

And that’s the end of the vacation photos/stories.  We had a great time. I especially enjoyed having no access to the interwebs and I ignored my phone for most of the vacation.  Fantastic!  Now back to work!


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One response to “Madeline Island – Post 6 (final)

  1. bernadette

    oh those baby model pics…i’m telling you-he needs his own baby fragrance!!! i have so enjoyed your pics and vacation stories…thanks! i’ll get to mine this week so you can feel like you are on vacation all over again!!

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