Madeline Island – Post 5

It’s a good thing Eric brought his activity shorts and we brought the activity baby because we did a lot of activities on our vacation.  It was quite a bit of fun.

The cabins we stayed at had an amazing croquet course set up that reminded me of alice and wonderland.  So we of course had to go play some croquet.  It seems that croquet might a bit of an island past time as we saw many croquet games during our stay.  Not just at our cabin, but next to the bars, on Raspberry Island, etc.

Here’s mom and Indie on our way to play croquet.  Indie is ready for action with that hat and those shorts! One thing I haven’t really mentioned yet is how terribly awful all the mosquitos were.  We got swarmed on our way to playing croquet.  It was pretty horrifying.

Here’s the croquet field.  I wanted to wear a ridiculously puffy dress to play croquet here.

In case you were wondering, no it’s not really helpful to have a 16 month old running around while you’re trying to play croquet. He kept stealing the balls.

The croquet winner! 

The croquet field was connected to a really beautiful/creepy garden.  I’m not including any of the pretty pictures here, only the creepy ones.  Here’s a creepy lady statue. Her dress is supposed to be filled out with vines, but they’re all dead.

Here’s the grave of their dead poodle Dolly.  I just don’t think you’re public garden that you advertise should also be your pet cemetary.

Next activity was canoeing.  The town beach had canoe rentals for 10 bucks a half hour so dad and mom couldn’t resist.  We tried to get Indie to just sit in the canoe on land, but he wasn’t having it.

Nana and her Indie!

Then the boys did some canoeing.  You can see who is doing all the hard work on this trip.

We spent some time at Tom’s Burned Down Cafe, the only real bar with character on the island.  It’s fantastic.  I’ll post other pictures in the next post of the actual bar as words cannot describe.  Here’s pops and nana hanging out with Indie outside.

Indie making an amazing face….

Nana and Pops with Indie inside of Tom’s Burned Down Cafe (or as much of an inside as there is to this bar).

Nana and Indie at the bar ordering up some drinks.

Best wheat beer I’ve had in a while plus Nana and Indie.

Here’s some of Tom’s Burned Down Cafe.  It’s hard to capture the craziness in pictures.

I stole this picture from my mom.

Here’s Tom’s from a distance.  None of it is “inside”, there is a tent, but that’s it.  Also, part of it is held up by an old car.  And there are signs all over.  It’s pretty great.

I think I only have one more vacation post after this one.



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2 responses to “Madeline Island – Post 5

  1. bernadette

    we went to the newest beer joint in knoxville last night…called the beer garden. it was mostly outside at the moment with the inside being worked on and they are in desperate need of some help/character from tom’s. the beer garden did have corn hole set up and people from a mash run came…guess you run from bar to bar and must sing a song when everyone arrives from running before entering. we also met a penn stater there…so the place has potential…but in desperate need of some tom!! told your dad he could go into the pub sign making business…ron and eric could be co-brains on this adventure!! like the moleskin goes public!! enjoying the pics!!

  2. libby

    i remeber stopping at Tom’s when i was there! of course, i was a preteen, so did not enjoy the full fun it can be i’m sure… 🙂 this vacay looks like it was so amazing – i’m glad!!! xoxo

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