Madeline Island – Post 3

This post is dedicated to the beaches on Madeline Island, well and a couple from Raspberry Island.  The beaches are different from your standard ocean beach.  Definitely more rocks and the water is very cold.  But still fun! Indie quite enjoyed the rocks.  It’s hard to remember that you’re actually at a lake and not at the ocean.  Lake Superior is so huge!

This is the private beach of the cabin that we stayed in.  It was quite lovely.

This is the Raspberry Island beach.  I can’t explain what it was about this beach, but it was fantastic and amazing.  My next post will be about Raspberry Island so get excited!

My attempt at being artistic.

I love those baby toes!  Indie was in love with the Raspberry Island beach.  There were lots of perfect Indie sized rocks.

Eric and Indie on the beach.  This is a different beach.  It’s the Big Bay Town Park beach on Madeline Island.  It was a nice enough beach, but definitely a little bit dirtier than the other beaches.

I love love love this picture of the boys!  This is at the town park beach again.

My boys, hanging out by the lake (I really wanted to write ocean there….)


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  1. bernadette

    oh the beaches are just delightful. the water is so refreshing…and the scenery is gorgeous. thanks for posting pics linz…i was there but haven’t been able to post pics yet…they are coming!! and everything was so clean…the water even the dock by the ferry was not trashed or polluted …. the water was crystal clean! the air was cleansing and the sun was delightfully warm. oh….there must be a post dedicated to tom’s!!!

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