Madeline Island – Post 2

One of the best things about our vacation was the lack of the vast majority of technology.  There was no interwebs.  There was a tiny tv that had dish network, but we only turned it on one evening and then didn’t really watch anything.  Other than that we read and hung around the cabin.  We had many adventures in the great outdoors and we played a lot of rummy 500 and gin rummy depending on how many people wanted to play cards at that moment.  No one called my cell phone.  This is honestly the first time in 5 years of working at my job that I’ve let myself be completely disconnected and it was much needed.  I will now be taking vacations like this with no contact with work even if the interwebs are available.  I’m also not allowing myself to open my work computer until Monday morning.

This post is dedicated to just hanging out and settling in on the island.

Here we are settling into the cabin. It takes about 8 hours to drive up to Madeline Island so it was much needed chill time when we got there.

Indie decided to help us unpack.  He’s in LOVE with coolers.  Thinks they’re the best.  He can push them around, drag them around by the handle, and store stuff in them.

Indie learned how to play piano. He would bang on the keys and then he would do a little dance.  Hilarious!

We also learned that Indie has a really intense love for whipped cream.  He likes it with fruit or straight from the can.  He’s hardcore like that.

Indie decided to school us all in how to really relax when you’re out exploring the island.  You just kick back in your stroller and put your feets up.

Here’s Indie hanging out with his Nana.  He loves her so much and thinks she’s really really funny.

A little facebook photo action of me and Eric.

And we decided that this sign was very true and we decided to really try to learn about some wine on the vacation.

More to come tomorrow!



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2 responses to “Madeline Island – Post 2

  1. bernadette

    love the theme…

    and relax we did!!!

    fyi….had several people ask us about my tom’s t-shirt!!!

  2. love these posts and seeing all the fun! Wish we could have been there!

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