Working on his fitness

My fantastic husband took these pictures yesterday of Indie working on his fitness.  We always have a good laugh/are mystified by our child’s strength and general thinness/fitness level.  We feed him lots, we promise.  Someone commented the other day that he looks like a mini football player.

Anyways, Indie came across a one pound weight and would like to share his fitness routine with you.

It’s important to start out slow and with a warm up.  Indie chooses to first warm up by gnawing on the weight and then walk around the kitchen a few times.

It’s important to make sure you have the proper inspiration.  Indie chooses sponge bob as you can see in the background.  So let’s start with the upper body and the shoulder.  Don’t let the weight come down below shoulder height!

Remember to work both sides evenly so it’s time to switch.

Then start over and repeat with the first side.  Make sure you can feel the burn!

Alright time to move on to a lower  body move.  Indie likes to do squats with a weight.  He’s hardcore like that.

After doing squats and then running around like a crazy banshee for a bit, it’s time to focus on the triceps!

Repeat said routine several times a day and you too can be fit like an Indie.

Indie would also like to remind everyone to be safe and lift with your legs not your back!

He’ll be kicking my ass at bootcamp in no time!



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2 responses to “Working on his fitness

  1. bernadette

    truly cute. next week we figure just keeping up with indie will be our workout!!!

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