Weekend Fun

I already posted about our Saturday at the farmer’s market, but we had lots of fun yesterday as well.  We did nothing 4th of July related at all. 

Indie and I did a bit of shopping in the morning.  We had some very specific goals (birthday related).  So we went to a mall that we don’t usually go to and got there a bit too early and the shops were not yet open.  So, we stopped in at a little cafe.   Indie was a fan for a couple of reasons.

Reason 1:

Someone got some vanilla milk all his own to drink with a straw!  He’s never had a drink with a straw before. He LOVED it! And had no problems at all using the straw.;

Reason 2:

The chairs were very Indie friendly for sitting in his own chair like grown up 16 month olds like to do.  They were completely solid with sides as well so I liked it due to the fact that I didn’t have to worry about him falling out of the chair! We may have to go back.

After shopping, the bear took quite a nap.  He was still tired from partying hard the night before.  Then we spent the rest of the day hanging out around the house.

Overdramatic baby or elephant worshipping. We’re really not quite sure!

I know this one is blurry, but I think it’s hilarious.  Oh that kiddo just running with abandon.

Cute little man

Apparently we really need to get this kid his own chair.  He gets very creative with things to sit on while watching Sponge Bob.  This time he sat on his fire truck, which does open up and come apart so eventually he and the fire truck went tumbling over. 

It was a good day.  I now have 4 days until 10 days of vacation.  Oh do I need this vacation.  I do have quite a bit of work to get done before then, but I think I can do it!


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  1. bernadette

    yes…you are having too much fun with your camera!! i bet ikea has some cute kids chairs. love the pics and stories….tell indie nana is coming soon!!

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