Mmmmm Breakfast

Here are some pictures of Indie taken with the new camera.  Only the first one is at breakfast, the others are from dinner last night.  But we are having breakfast now so the title of the post still fits.  Or that’s my justification anyways.  You’ll note that for breakfast he’s having a plate full of bananas.  I think bananas might be his favourite food.  He’ll also get some yogurt, but that’s not as exciting to him as the bananas.  For dinner last night he had a veggie burger and LOVED it.  Oh my little vegetarian.  Such a little weirdo.  He’s like okay whatever when you put cake in front of him, but you put a veggie burger, bananas, strawberries, peas, etc in front of him and he’s all over it.

We’re off to have exciting adventures at the farmer’s market then we’re off to a cook out for the afternoon.  Busy day for us.


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  1. bernadette

    well…from the first pic it looks like indie has forgiven you from waking him up last night…he he!!!! your camera is very fabulous….oh the fun we shall have taking pics next week will be amazing!!!! do you have a good veg burger recipe …thinking of our chill and grill’s next week. there are some groc stores on the island but anything specialty i think we should plan on bringing it with. there is a blender….hmmm some island drinks maybe??? looked at the weather forecast up there….mid to high 70’s during the day and low 50’s at night…..good bonfire weather!!

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