Fun day at the farmer’s market

We had a fun day at the farmer’s market today.

We listed to some music played by these guys.  Lots of folks dancing and Indie was pretty fascinated.

Check out this guy’s crazy washboard set up!

Then someone chilled out on the bench on state street with me.

What a little gentleman!

Then we stopped for some ice cream! 

Indie had a great time sitting the chair like a big boy. 

Here’s what I bought at the market today:

Delicious cheese bread!

Fresh basil, potatoes and green beans

Cherries and strawberries

Vegetable funny face.  Tomatoes, cucumbers and a pepper mouth



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2 responses to “Fun day at the farmer’s market

  1. bernadette

    love the last pic….where you in the sun way too long!!!!

    that indie is way too cute!!!

    your new camera is way too super cool!!

    and madison’s farmer’s mkt is way too far out…..where else can you get the best cheese bread, vegs, fruits, music, flyers, protesters, arts, crafts, and fashion!!!

    you and indie had way too much fun today!!

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