Today this pretty little number will be showing up on my doorstep.  I’m so excited!  I wanted a new camera and debated which point and shoot to get.  Finally I called my sister, the photographer, to see what she thought.  She thought I might like the Canon G11 as it is a point and shoot, but has manual options as well.  I couldn’t even wait for my free 2 day prime shipping so I paid $4 to get it one day delivery.  So excited!!!!!!!  I’ll take pictures this afternoon and post tonight.  *happy dancing*



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3 responses to “G11

  1. ahh! SO excited for you…and slightly jealous!! If I had a point and shoot this one would be it! See, you can even attach a smaller flash on top too to get better pictures!! Oh, the things you can do with that camera is amazing! I’ll give you a phone consult if you want:)

  2. bernadette

    sooooooooooo nice…can’t wait to check it out!!!

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