I’m a lazy blogger

Wow, I was lazy last week with blogging!  Well, here’s an update for you:

Happiness Update:

I feel like I am getting happier.  I have figured out one thing that was making me really unhappy and that was always waiting for the perfect time.  Like oh I can’t join boot camp until I can have an entire 6 weeks straight in the office… um no that’s never going to happen in my life.  That’s not what my life is like.  I travel for work and I will no longer let that hold me back.  It’s about being good enough not perfect.  Guess what I figured out?  I can join boot camp because on weeks when I’m traveling, I’ll only miss 1 day of boot camp.  I can still make it on Monday and Friday.  And all this time I’ve been making excuses.

Speaking of perfect, I realized that I was trying to be a little too perfect with my resolutions and not flexible enough.  So I’m going to have to work on that.

So June is almost over and I have already started on my July resolutions.  I’m excited!  I picked some easy ones for the first month just to get started and get some wins in.  I feel like I did a pretty good job.  I’m excited to take on some new challenges next month.

Weekend Updates:

We had a good weekend.  Got a beautiful box of veggies from the CSA this week!  I already used up quite a bit of the veggies.  My main problem this time of year is too much lettuce and other leafy greens.  I need to find some creative ways to use those.  We did get two pints of amazing strawberries!  So gorgeous and yummy!  Indie and I have already eaten quite a few.

We went to a housewarming party on Saturday night.  It was fun to see friends we hadn’t seen in a while!  They live way on the east side so that’s actually a pretty good drive for us.

Indie and I lounged on the couch and watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns on Sunday.  We had good times.  At one point I brought out my little netbook and Indie proceeded to crawl onto my lap between me and the computer, move my hands away and turned around waved and said bye bye to me.  Basically he was like I totally got this Facebook thing no need for you to interfere with my interwebs.  Crazy baby!  He said bye bye to me again when he was annoyed with me at lunch time.  I think it’s his version of no.

Indie has been doing an awesome job at feeding himself lately.  It’s been lovely!  I think I accidentally turned him into a vegetarian.  I know I’m a vegetarian, but didn’t really plan on raising Indie that way.  He loves tofu hot dogs and veggies.  He actually spit out real meat at the house warming party in favour of a tofu dog…  And yesterday he gobbled up squash, zucchini, red peppers, fennel and onions.  I’m sure that will change soon, but right now I’m happy about it.

Here’s too a great week!


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One response to “I’m a lazy blogger

  1. bernadette

    i miss my garden and all it’s yummy-ness. i could go to the various farmers markets in this area but laziness makes it easier to get my vegs/fruits at krogers…bad bern bad!!! yeh…the perfect house with it’s cleanness and manicured yard has been given over to hiking, canoeing and camping!! oh summertime! ah…my grandson watching buffy…feeding himself and trying to talk…he is just growing like a weed! can’t wait to see y’ll next week!!! wow…i’m so impressed with the ungodly exercise hour!!

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