Happy Father’s Day

I’m a little late in posting this, but happy father’s day to all the dads out there!  I consider myself to be quite fortunate to have some great dads in my life.

My husband is the best dad I could have imagined to our son.  He spends a lot of quality time with Indie since he is a stay at home dad.  They’re quite cute together and sometimes are like two little peas in a pod.  I do forsee a day when they will be ganging up on me for jokes and laughs, but I do look forward to that time. 🙂  I credit Eric a great deal when it comes to how good our son is.  It was Eric who made me walk away for 10 minutes while Indie was crying before bedtime (this was many many months ago) and said just 10 minutes and see if he’ll fall asleep.  In 5 minutes he did.  We now how a little boy who can comfort himself back to sleep if he wakes up during the night.  We are very very lucky and I thank Eric for his strength in those situations.  I hope that Indie learns to have the emotional strength that his dad has (I’m personally quite a mess emotionally).

I also have the fortune of having  a fantastic dad.  He’s always been supportive even if it meant teaching me geometry (my least favourite math) by visually laying things out on the kitchen floor.  He also taught me that what I really needed to get through college at the top was to just realize that I was smarter than 80% of the other people there, which was true. 🙂  In other words, he taught me the insane amount of confidence that I have when it comes to my ability to take on new projects, to believe that I can be good at anything and to voice my  opinion.  I also thank my dad for his sense of humour.  Growing up was so much fun.  Our house was full of laughs and good times.  My dad likes to pick on and give people a hard time.  I look forward to playing the unlocking the car door game while it’s raining out game with my kids someday.

My brother in law, Brad is also a fantastic dad.  He and my sister have a beautiful little girl, Lena.  They’re all so funny and loud.  🙂  Brad is always a joy to be around.  He’s always happy and has a good time.  He also gets really into and excited about new things.  It’s refreshing to see someone continue to be thrilled by the small things in life.  He’s a great husband to my sister.

Thanks to all the great dads out there that are making positive impacts on the lives of their children.


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