Saturday Stories

I actually took a lot of pictures today so I thought I would share our Saturday happenings with you all.

Saturday morning hanging out playing with trucks and wearing jammies!

Then we went for a bike ride around the neighborhood and played outside for a while.  Indie does love his little lady bug car truck thingy.  Someone randomly gave it to us at our yard sale and it’s probably Indie’s favourite thing ever.

Next it was birthday party time.  Indie’s cousin turned 3 today so we went to his house  for the party.  Indie had quite a good time.

First Indie played in the sand box.  He’s a fan.

Then he ran around the yard for a bit with his oh so awesome hat on.

The little bear then saw another kiddo get in the pool and he proceeded to jump in with all his clothes on including socks and shoes.  I did actually bring his bathing suit along and swim diapers, but at this point it was too late so we just let him play in the pool in his clothes. Oh silly bear.  He got so very dirty and covered in grass.  Crazy pants!

Then he did some more running around the yard.  You’ll note in the last two pictures that Indie is wearing something other than a hat on his head.  He’s actually wearing rings from a ring toss game on his head.  Silly bear.

New hair picture.  I like my hair better today than I did yesterday. After a few washes it will be brighter based because the highlighted areas are holding on to some toner or something…. I still want it a couple of shades lighter. 


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  1. bernadette

    geez i haven’t seen the nose ring in awhile!! i am enjoying the light color of your hair! wait till everyone at work sees it!! oh bear had quite the saturday. love the fact that he jumped into the pool clothes and all. and silly dilly wearing the rings on his head…..he is darling! look forward to hanging with you guys soon 🙂

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