Skirts and Hats

Someone’s dad took him hat shopping today!  Time for Baby Fashion Show! Queue hip music.

Oh hai!  I am ready for the great outdoors.

I am preparing for my first trip to the north woods with this look.  Better start hydrating now.

Would you like to dance?  I’m practicing my suave moves for future ladies.

Don’t let the hat fool you.  I’m not just about fun and games, I can be serious too.

Love that smile!  Want to kiss his face!!!

Okay hope you enjoyed the baby fashion show.  I made some skirts tonight.  Indie and i walked down to our local quilt shop, which I often forget exists.  These skirts were so easy to make.  I’m going to make a few more in the near future.  Perhaps with some fun details since the basic skirt only takes me about a half hour to put together.



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2 responses to “Skirts and Hats

  1. bernadette

    omg…omg…omg…eric you are too great!!!! the best hats ever !! indie does need his own baby fragrance line! where the hell did you find these hats! too cute too cute too cute!!

    linz…adorable skirts. and 2 made since we talked on sunday!! oh you over achiever!!!

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