Weekend Update with Lindsay

We had a good weekend here.  Lots of fun times together and some work got done. 

First we got our first CSA box from Driftless Organics.  So exciting!  Luckily I’m in town this week since there were so many leafy greens included.  I’m eating a lot of leafy greens this week. 🙂  My challenge to myself is not to let the produce go to waste and to plan ahead appropriately.  So that might mean some freezing/other preservation methods especially for weeks when I’m out of town.  I only get a box every other week so it’s all about eating the most perishable food first. I already did a pretty good job of eating the produce this weekend.  I’ll take to take pictures of some of the meals I make.  We got some amazing purple potatoes (see picture below).  I made some potatoes with spinach, green garlic, purple scallions, tomatoes and just salt and pepper for breakfast yesterday.  So yummy!

I’m working with the bear on learning to feed himself.  He’s expressed some interest in this (by smacking at my hands when I try to feed him sometimes).  So I bought this cute little Gerber baby feeding themselves training set.  One of the big barriers I have found to letting Indie feed himself is that he likes to throw the spoon and plate/bowl on the floor.  However, he responded really well to this set.  Like oh yes this is for Indie to use and so far no throwing has occurred. He also enjoys chewing on the handles of the fork and spoon. 

As you can see he is pretty damn pleased with himself.  He’s obviously still not awesome with using the fork and spoon, but he gets the drift.  What I think is really funny is that he still won’t really touch the food with his hands, sometimes he’ll do one tentative touch of the food and then immediately try to get it off his hands.  Please note that I regularly feed him things without a fork or a spoon…. Weirdo.

I made Indie another 70s inspired button up.  This time in green.  Ultimately we like the other one better, but still like this one. These little shirts are so easy to make.  I can make one in about 45 minutes and that’s including cutting out the pattern.

Oh my little reluctant model.  Actually he’s just mad that I won’t let him see the other side of the camera so he can stare at himself.  He’s quite vain. I thought his face was too funny in this picture though.  Oh baby crocodile tears.

Happies again.

His face is too much in this picture.  So mischievous!

Indie has taken to “helping” me with the dishes.  I’m hoping to dovetail this into actual help in about 6-8 months.  I encourage his love of the dishes and the dishwasher.  🙂

Other non picture updates from this weekend:

I got all my hair cut off.  It’s glorious!  I’ll take a picture this week.  I love my hair stylist.  I just went in and said I want it short and kind of funky, but other than that you just have fun.  I’m never disappointed by Christina.

Eric bought a chainsaw and chopped up the tree that fell down.  Personally I’m terrified of chain saws and when I see it sitting in it’s case I still think it’s likely that it will chop of my legs and arms at any moment.  But it did make the tree chopping go much faster and we do need it for getting rid of some other trees we don’t like in the yard.  Since Eric worked so hard on that, I mowed the lawn.  Basically when I mow the lawn, it kind of looks like some crazy drunk is out there mowing the lawn.  I don’t have a good strategy.  I do however have a strategy for when dead birds are in the lawn and I’m trying to mow.  Basically I think maybe I can move them out of the way with this stick.  Poke dead bird.  A few feathers fall off and I am horrified (see this is why I’m a vegetarian  now).  Proceed to mow around the bird and leave a patch of lawn unmowed.  Find husband and mention oh there might be a dead bird.  He already figured this out as he was like why did she miss this giant spot of grass and not come back for it.  I remind husband that he is manly and manly men move dead birds for their delicate wives.  Bird is disposed of, Lindsay mows patch of lawn.  Whew! And speaking of delicate, now my hands hurt so bad from the mowing… I am weak!

I spent quite a bit of time yesterday shopping for new skirts.  Thank you H&M for your reasonably priced skirts that are cute.  I also jumped for joy that things at H&M fit me.  I’ve been scared to really truly shop there since the baby.  I buy a few shirts that are clearly stretchy, but buying skirts and/or pants has been a terrifying thought.  I also bought a dress… It was a big day for me.  I was so brave.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!



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3 responses to “Weekend Update with Lindsay

  1. ah, you are funny! The lawn mowing thing is hilarious! Brad would have died if I ever left a patch unmowed or didn’t go in the appropriate diagonal lines….which is why I don’t mow:)

    Loving the CSA…I think we should join one down here:)

  2. bernadette

    so glad you found some skirts and a dress!! oh i just can’t wait to hang out with you guys and indie bear!! i wonder if we in knoxville have csa kinda stuff…something to look into. love the shirts you are making indie…very etsy of you 🙂 oh…a man and his chain saw…a happy father’s day for eric!!

  3. bernadette

    ps…i am looking into getting the happiness project book…will be my next long term care book!!

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