Happiness Project Update

This week I was out of town, but I did manage to have fun and be pretty happy.  I made a separate post about how I was planning to approach travel.  I spent more time with the people I travel with and that really made a difference.  You can imagine how depressing it can be to just sit in your hotel room alone.

I did manage to get a half hour of movement/exercise in every day except Monday.  I’m excited to make a bigger goal than that for working out at some point, but really right now I’m just trying to establish the habit and I think making it as easy as possible is the best way to do that hence there are no requirements on what type of movement or if it’s anything more than just doing a little bit of yoga or stretching.  The idea is the intent.

Since I wasn’t home this week I didn’t have too many issues with the computer in the evening, but I am making sure that me and the little bear are getting plenty of quality time this weekend.

My big accomplishment this week is that although I did eat some junk food while traveling, I did not eat nearly the amount that I used to.  I’ll take that as a win. 🙂

So I’m not quite doing awesome at the organize house thing this month.  I need to put together a plan that’s not too overwhelming and actually spend a bit of time on getting things done.  This might be extended into next month as well.

Overall I think I am leaning towards already being a bit more happy.  At the very least I feel good about making steps to be happier and I think eating healthier and moving more is making me happier with how I look/feel, which does ultimately make me happier.


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