On the road again

I”m back to traveling.  I did enjoy my almost 2 months off the road.  It was a needed break.  I’m trying to approach traveling with a more positive attitude now.  I think I made some mistakes in the past by spending my entire time onsite working, morning noon and night.  Sure, there’s always tons of work to do, but really I don’t need to continually work.

Here’s what I’m doing to try to make my time away from home more positive:

1. Spend time working out.  A workout can be hard to squeeze at home, but shouldn’t be that hard when it’s just me.

2. Make sure to spend time with those I’m traveling with.  It can be helpful to socialize.

3. See the sites.  I never ever do anything special in the cities I visit so now I resolve to see what’s going on.

4. Always eat good food.  Why not???

5. Find other ways to spend time on me and the family.  Maybe it’s reading a book or working on online picture books, etc.  Just need to be creative!

Let’s see how it goes!


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One response to “On the road again

  1. bernadette

    yeah….being away in a hotel room or in a facility 24/7 would be maddening. most hotels have a workout room/pool so working out would be healthy, burn off any frustrations and then when you go out to eat and socialize you can order with confidence! it’s a win win situation!! good luck…and this would be a great time to make an indir first year photo book. enjoy your week and be careful 🙂

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