It’s been a weird weekend and happiness project update

Fair warning: this is going to be a long post.

ok, let’s start with happiness project update.

First of all, I did manage to get out and walk or some other activity for a half hour almost every day.  I missed thursday due to extreme sickness from the worst cold I have experienced in a loooooooooooong time.  Then on Saturday I didn’t because due to said cold, I pulled a muscle from coughing so much and wasn’t feeling super motivated.  Anyways, still a vast improvement and I appreciate having room for improvement.  This week I’m traveling, which should actually give me more opportunity to work out, I just need to take that opportunity.  It does, however, provide a challenge for the not eating fake/junk food.  That will be a big challenge this week.  I did pretty good last week.  A couple of missteps, but still better and in the right direction. 

Spending more quality time with Indie has been easy. 🙂  I did forget that I needed to take his feelings into consideration because sometimes he likes alone time.  So, on evenings that he clearly needs alone time then I do allow myself some computer time. 

I did do a little bit of organizing this weekend, but not much at all.  I loaded some items in the Element for Eric to take to Goodwill.  Lots of hard work there…  Eric has been working away though so he’s definitely made some progress.  I’ll have to make a plan to get this done this month.

Still the same resolutions for next week as these apply for all of June.

Okay onto the weird weekend. 

Perhaps my weekend was so weird from being on LOTS of cold medicine that’s made me a little weird, but it doesn’t explain Indie’s crazypantsness.

So, to start with the PS3 gave us the yellow light of death.  So sad!!!!  I, of course, was the one using it when it broke because I have a knack for that.  Eric did actually fix it and get the netflix disk out, but we decided to go ahead and buy a new one because we don’t think the fix will last long.  That’s where Eric is right now.  We can’t live without our PS3.  Of course, we do have a separate DVD player, but right now we don’t get appropriate surround sound, god forbid!

Saturday was actually pretty low key.  Indie and I went swimming and came home.  I took an extremely long nap in the afternoon when Indie napped.  It’s been a long week of not enough sleep due to waking up coughing and unable to breathe.  I love a cold! Indie spent the afternoon intrigued by the vacuum cleaner (see picture below).

I finally made something using our new pots and pans and managed to completely burn it due to the fact that these pans heat up fast!  Even more embarrassingly is that I was making pasta for Indie.  So yes, I did literally burn pasta. See our pretty new pots/pans below.

At the end of Saturday, Eric and I both agreed that it didn’t actually feel like Saturday.  It felt more like a Sunday and the day had felt exceptionally long.  Eric did a lot of work in the garage on Saturday and lots of running around to the hardware store.

On to Sunday…. I woke up in major pain due to the coughing and the pulled muscle.  I was fairly convinced I would need to spend the day at urgent care and thus proceeded to mope around the house waiting for urgent care to open so i could call them.  I was up at 6 and they open at 9.

But then I decided to take a shower and stop being mopey.  Then the baby bear woke up and he was such a sweetie this morning.  Lots of smiles and little baby chatter.  At one point he was looking at his animal book and I said oh Indie it’s a puppy.  The puppy says ruff ruff, can you say ruff ruff?  And he looked at me and said ruff ruff.  Soooooooooooooooo cute!  So he was a sweetie pie and we went for a nice walk this morning.  Then he took a nap and while he napped, I sewed.  I made him a super 70s inspired button up.

He’s cool, yet sensitive, just like Johnny Depp in cry baby. (note the little leftover tears).

So casual!

But then Indie got up from his nap and was a baby jerkface for the rest of the day.  He went to sleep as my sweet little baby boy and woke up as a two year old.  We went shopping because often getting him out of the house will fix this sort of mood.  He was very good for shopping and I was very grateful because my summer time b cas was looking really rough and I need a few new tops.  But then as soon as we got home, he was banana cakes.  He was leaning against the screen door and decided to bang against it and proceeded to knock it open and tumble onto the deck.  More than anything he scared the shit out of himself.  I’ve never seen him crawl back into the house so quickly.  Then he’s decided that he doesn’t really want me to feed him, I think.  There’s just lots of bad behaviour with smacking my hands and other shannigans.  Ah the joys of parenthood! 

Despite all his crazyness tonight (and there was more that I didn’t go into), he was still funny and silly for most of the day.

Now I will sign off from this nonsensical rambling as Eric has returned with the new playstation and I must pack as I am out of town this week!  hurrah!



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3 responses to “It’s been a weird weekend and happiness project update

  1. bernadette

    love the shirt!! really well done. oh, it has been quite the weekend. your dad has gotten the cold…yes, we like to keep it in family!! i lost my phone…got a new one…same number! omg…indie falling out the screen door is funny … did you laugh?? how dare you…lol! enjoy your week and find some happiness in the midst of it!

  2. Christie

    Haha baby jerkface!! I love it! Russ has those days too. Cool shirt you made – I’m really going to have to get on the whole learning to sew things – that looks like much fun!

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