Hair cut and other updates

Someone got his hair cut!  Oh where is my baby?  He’s a little boy now.  The haircut is courtesy of his dad.  I’m no help when it comes to cutting hair, I am of the opinion of take him to the salon and let them feel bad for making him cry.  However, Eric is a much stronger person than I am.

Um, looking at these pictures I realize how much I need to clean Indie’s high chair.  Gross!


In other news, we lost a tree!  So half of this tree fell down some time last year during a storm, but the majority of the tree stayed with us.  But yesterday we had a big storm and we lost the rest of it.  Then it fell into our lawn obsessed neighbors yard.  Uhoh! But then our neighbor that owns one of everything brought over his chain saw and quad and moved the tree back into our yard.  So now Eric has a great reason to purchase a chain saw!  For those of you who may visit my blog and not actually know me, that’s not our house in the picture, that’s the lawn crazy house.  I’m on our deck taking the picture.


In kitchen related news, we have purchased new pots and pans!  They’re soooo shiny!  And we got new plates and bowls.  Also very exciting.  We’re almost like grown ups now!

A few funny Indie stories:

I’m having major allergy problems right now and have been coughing ALOT!  So much so that now Indie copies me.  I’ll cover my mouth and cough and then he puts his hand up to his mouth and makes coughing nosies.  At least he’s learning to cover his mouth when he coughs.

He’s been attempting to climb stairs as if he was a big boy.  Very cute!

We took our first visit to the ER over memorial day weekend.  Indie inherited all the grace and accident proness of his parents and knocked himself out on a glass door.  Oh poor little boy.  He was so excited when he saw the outside world and grass that it didn’t even cross his mind that something might be in the way.  He’s 100% great though!  We are not expecting that this will be the last ever ER visit, although I do hope they’re few and far between.

That’s all for tonight!






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2 responses to “Hair cut and other updates

  1. bernadette

    love the hairdo!! wow…indie is growning leaps and bounds! can’t wait to see him this july! oh…chainsaw for father’s day….greatest present ever!! ya….did laugh at the highchair…just think of it with a chinese mindset…means he has good times in that chair!!

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