My Happiness Project

I mentioned that I would be working on my happiness project this weekend.  So what is a happiness project?  Well, it’s inspired by Gretchen Rubin who spent a year trying out many of suggested happiness gaining techniques from current theories to ancient teachings.  She came up with a theme for each month so first month it was energy, she worked on her marriage, etc.  She used a resolutions chart for each month to list out her resolutions that matched her theme. 

Now I’m taking the approach, at least in the beginning, of high priority items.  There are some areas in my life that need to addressed immediately that are keeping me from being happy.  One major underlining issue is that I’m a I’ll be happy when person.  As you may know, that never works out.  So I’m working to be happy where I’m at without completely changing my life because knowing myself completely changing my life will keep me happy for about 15 minutes, then I’ll find something to complain about.

I’m also keeping in mind that I’m in no hurry to fix everything at once.  I think that would just make me tire of the project too soon and perhaps get discouraged by not being perfect.  Since I’m not to the point to be able to fully accept my own imperfection, I think it’s important to understand and except my own limitations in this project.  I also like the idea of knowing from the beginning that I have quite a few things to work towards and that I can create an atmosphere of pretty continual growth.  This in itself makes me happy.  I like working towards something.  I don’t always find joy  at reach the plateau of finishing a project, I like the act of working towards that end point.  There’s no actual end point to the happiness project.  You can always find a little piece of your life to greater contribute to your happiness.

Alright so my resolutions for this month that center around health and balance:

  • Spend a half hour every day doing some sort of exercise/activity
  • Stop eating junk/fake food
  • Spend quality time with Indie in the evenings – no computer until he goes to bed 🙂
  • Do a first level of organization in the house (getting it good enough, working on perfect later)

I’m planning to post an update every Sunday to reflect on my progress for the past week and plan for the coming week.

Want to know more about the original happiness project and my inspiration?  Check out Gretchen Rubin’s blog: The Happiness Project or her book with the same name, The Happiness Project.



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4 responses to “My Happiness Project

  1. very cool! I’m interested to see how it goes and your increased happiness:) Happy Day to you!!!

  2. bernadette

    sounds very interesting and doable. i’ve been wanting a good book other than cat who 🙂 and this sounds like one i would enjoy reading and applying … thanks for the insight! good luck and look forward to your blog progress !

  3. I saw the nice mention of my blog, The Happiness Project, here! I very much appreciate those kind words and you shinning a spotlight on my work!! Thanks and good luck with YOUR happiness project!

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