Lofty Goals

I have many lofty goals for this three day weekend.  I wonder how many I’ll actually complete.

That’s right I’m going to create another list.  I love lists!

  • Finish sewing things for my sister’s photo shootout
  • Put the kitchen back together!
  • Laundry – folded and put away
  • Weed around the house and put out my pink flamingos – yep I’m going to be THAT neighbor
  • Spend good quality time with the bear
  • Plan out my happiness project (whole post on this coming on Monday)
  • Get my act together with menu planning – Lindsay cannot live on popcorn alone – hello lazy pants! This includes getting Indie’s menu in better order as well
  • Actually take Indie for a ride in his bike trailer

Get excited!!



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2 responses to “Lofty Goals

  1. bernadette

    was wondering if you enjoyed the trailer…let me know. i’ve been looking for a cruiser bike on craigs list and each one has been sold…will continue my endeavor!

    it’s a great weekend to get some stuff done…hope you get it all done and try to get some relaxing in too 🙂

  2. love the plans! excited to hear about this happiness project…you have me intrigued!

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