The Silly Show

Indie was so excited when I got home from work last night that he proceeded to put on a little show and demonstrate for me all the fancy skills he has learned.

1. Spinning in circles while standing until he falls down.  So cute!  Sometimes his includes squealing in delight.

2. Once he has fallen from spinning while standing, he does this crazy spinning on the ground move.  It’s really fascinating and hard to explain.

3. Then we clapped our hands for a while.

4. He ran in and out of the kitchen saying bye bye and waving at me.

5. He has a new disco dance move.  He does little disco rolls with his arms.  Think the roll em up part of patty cake.

6. Then he kept hiding behind me and peaking around left and right so I would say boo!

This went on for about a half hour while I sat on the kitchen floor and enjoyed every moment of the silly show.  I must get this on video!


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  1. he’s so cute! I love the disco!

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