Social Insecurities, Perfectionism and Me

The thing I like most about the interwebs is my ability to self diagnose.  Without the interwebs, I would have to go to the library to figure out what my issues are or even worse, an actual professional. 

In my “real” life I think I qualify as a bit crazy pants on a social basis.  Basically I’m not social.  I go through occasional spurts of thinking I enjoy being social.  Usually this is fueled by copious amounts of alcohol and a need to dance in public.  It used to also be accompanied by somewhat slutty clothing, but in my old age I realize that I shouldn’t wear a see through shirt out in public.  These boobs have been used for feeding another human being so they’re not so attractive, well at least until I get them surgically altered after we’re done with helping the lefties win by procreating.  The conservatives are going to win simply mass reproduction.  All you above average intelligent people that are just having 1 kid, when we’re beaten, I’m blaming you.  I appreciate all my friends who put up with the fact that basically I’m a bad friend.  But I’ll tell you this, if you really really needed me like you’re too drunk to drive or your boyfriends dumps you or there’s a death, etc.  I’m there!  I just don’t want to leave my house on a non emergency basis except for wine and pizza.  If I could convince the pizza guys to bring the wine with the pizza that would be awesome.  No such luck so far.

This also follows me into my blogging.  I’m hesitant to make blogger friends.  I think will they think I’m silly for posting this comment?  What will they think of me?  Do I seem fake or overly pretentious? I really like to make sure that I’m representing myself with the appropriate level of pretention.  I will admit that I am often whiney so I could appreciate that being annoying. 

I attribute most of this to my severe perfectionism.  I think it’s basically debilitating how severe my perfectionism is.  It causes me to not take risks basically ever.  Not a lot of fun.  Also not good for my work life. 

In honour of attempting to get over my perfectionism and fear, I’m being a brave blogger and commenting on other blogs I enjoy.  And I’m being so crazy as to respond to comments on my own blog.  I know, it’s bananas for me to think oh no what if my response to their comment isn’t perfect and we can’t be blog friends?

And now I’m going to go back to staying up too late and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on instant Netflix (not super sure what it’s really called, but I like instant Netflix).



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3 responses to “Social Insecurities, Perfectionism and Me

  1. bernadette

    what you unsociable….piss shaw!! you just choose your socializing. like how i choose my carbohydrates…some are just not worth the calories.

    i too have become a bit recluse. enjoying the season.

    we also enjoy our instant netflix…i am clueless on how it works but my techno geek husband does come in handy with this aspect of our relationship. we did enjoy super why every night when lena was visiting. she was very jazzed that at the reading festival she got a alpha pig tattoo(on super why) and put it on her belly!

    i go thru blogging phases. at the moment i’m just a spectator . i need to keep mine up but just don’t see the need so much…i have a bad blogger attitude.

    enjoyed the random musings…enjoy your movie…i’m watching dave 🙂

  2. ah, perfectionism. I am so there with you on some things..mostly in the communication with other people variety and not in the cleaning of my closet:) Love that you are posting comments on other blogs. I say be yourself and don’t worry what other people think. You are hilarious and just think of the internet as a way to be social without getting out of your pj’s! Its the best!

  3. libby

    the best part about this post is the google ad at the bottom – “Simple Dementia Tests!”

    ❤ you!

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