Random Musings

Here are a few things about motherhood that I have discovered and thought I would pass along.  Now if you are a mom, you surely already know these things and have even more things to add.

  • One day you will find a cheerio in your bra (while wearing it)and think meh, yeah that’s not real surprising.
  • I don’t actually mind when my kiddo gets up the middle of the night.  I consider it prime snuggle time.  This is likely related to the fact that he’s only woken up in the middle of the night about 4 times in the past year… Usually it’s just at 10 pm before we go to bed.
  • There’s nothing better than laying around the living room on a Sunday afternoon with a little boy who finally found the snuggles in his heart and lounges around with you.
  • Your heart will melt at every new trick the squirrel learns like blowing kisses, waving and clapping hands.
  • A good weekend will be cemented in the fact that your child has learned to actually blow his nose.  Big happy party time for successful booger removal.
  • You will  terrify your co-workers by singings “what’s it going to take? team work!” during a tough project or singing “there’s a party in my tummy so yummy so yummy” at lunch time

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One response to “Random Musings

  1. bernadette

    true…so true…

    just today with lena…we were walking thru the woods to the creek and we were whispering so that swiper wouldn’t hear us because these were his woods….

    and jennifer, our friend with us, was asking about what who we were talking about…

    and lena and i say, duh…swiper, on dora!! and jennifer was quite clueless.

    i then realized…i am a nana with either too much time on her hands or was quite knowledgeable about nick, jr!!

    do love your cheerio happening!! and the songs…i just love them and sing them and do a little jig when i hear them!!!

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