I think I might be a hippie

Congratulations mom and dad, you win!  I may be a hippie.  Please see supporting facts below:

Reasons why I might be a hippie:

  • I recently went vegetarian due to my love of all things baby and animal, insect, and amphibian
  • I love the farmer’s market
  • sometimes I grow my own food
  • I dream of canning and baking my own bread
  • I want to live out on a farm in the middle of nowhere
  • I do own hippie shoes….2 pairs actually
  • I own 3 vegetarian cookbooks
  • I am not down with the meat lobby, I think they suck.  However, I also think the corn lobby sucks.  Actually all lobbies suck unless it’s a hotel lobby I can drink in.
  • I think I should go to the gulf coast and save all the animals from the oil spill.
  • I’m becoming more and more anti technology

Reason why I may not be a hippie

  • I’m not really the love everyone peace on earth type.  I’m a bit too violent for those ideals.
  • I enjoy things that are pink and/or sparkly
  • I still believe that the best place to have a baby is in the hospital (not in a field because that seems unsanitary and definitely not in my house because I’m not cleaning up that mess) because they have the best legal drugs
  • I really love my daily shower


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4 responses to “I think I might be a hippie

  1. I loved this post!! I call myself a “crunchy mama” because I definitely have hippie qualities. I am proud to be a bit of a hippie, but like you, I also like pink and sparkly things…

    Found you on blog flow and glad I did…we can talk about hippie things together 🙂


    • purposefulchaos

      I followed you back! I so appreciate having another hippie mom who also enjoys pink and sparkly to talk to 🙂

  2. fran dunlap

    you’ve been raised by the best of the best!!! enjoy the season, and just be who you are!!!
    i love your posts — and the kitchen;-)!

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