If you’re searching for joy…

try putting on a twirly skirt and spin around in circles, put your arms out and say wheeeee!  If you’re especially lucky, you’ll have a little bear that copies you!



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2 responses to “If you’re searching for joy…

  1. bernadette

    omg…i didn’t have on a twirly skirt but today was a long day for beans and me trying to transition the fact that our garden needs a season of rest and what to do with 30 tom plants and 21 pepper plants and the emotions to go with that…but by afternoon when little beaner said to me i tired nana…which means enough of this project!!! her and i went inside and we did ballet and danced and it was so much fun!! it gave us a new focus and allowed me to revamp my thoughts and we then got a few plants planted around the house and our neighbor took the rest of the plants and we then had lap time and reading!! only if little bear was here…he would have laughed and had much fun with us today playing in the dirt!! he is so darn cute!

  2. Just found you on Blogflow! I miss the twirly skirt days. I am going to have to do that! Come visit me at Mama’s Little Chick.


    Mama Hen

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