We’re so classy

Here’s proof:

me: Dude you drank all my wine, that was totally going to last me for a few days

lovely husband: laughs a bit

me: I’m just going to have to get one of my beers off the back porch

lovely husband: laughs and says well you know what I say you can take the girl out of Tennessee, but you can’t take Tennessee out of the girl

Yeah that’s right, I keep beer on my back porch.  No particular reason it’s just where we set it down and I never moved it.



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3 responses to “We’re so classy

  1. bernadette

    at least you know they are safe out there!!!! now you just need a small frig and a couch and you are living high on the hog and just think no one will bother you. it could be your med-eee-tation space!!

  2. libby

    for the record, you cannot declare yourself a true wisconsinite until you keep beer on your porch – and your sconnie husband should know that!

    although, it’s getting to be that time when you should pull it inside and put it all in the extra beer fridge in the basement. oh you don’t have one of those? in the garage fridge perhaps? no fridge there either? oh boy – you gotta get that!

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