Bento Fun

Hello Bento!  This is my little bento box I made for lunch yesterday.  Nothing too fancy, but it made me happy.  I had a thought over the weekend that I didn’t need to order all sorts of special bento stuff from Japan, I just needed to find some fun cookie cutters.  So I picked up some star cookie cutters.  So yesterday I had start shaped tofurkey sandwhiches and little star shaped cheeses.  Also, the strawberries are AMAZING right now!  So pretty!  I love spring/summer and fresh produce and fruits are actually in season.  In the winter they’re a bit sad looking and don’t taste as amazing.

What I have discovered with packing bento lunches is that it is really great for portion control.  I’m actually quite happy with the amount of food and have no real desire to have snacks for the whole day either.  It’s weird!

A little side note that I’m completely loving that the sun is waking up earlier now.  When I get up at 5:30, it’s already on it’s way up.  So glorious!  I need to find a place to live where the sun is up at 5:30 all year round!



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2 responses to “Bento Fun

  1. bernadette

    sorry for no/short responses…life with a 2.5yr old is a little crazy town. love the crafty idea of cookie cutters and the bento boxes look even more sexy on your new counter top!! glad you are enjoying

  2. I love the stars. they really dress it up.

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