Weekend Fun

We had a really good weekend.  However, I didn’t take any pix so you’ll just have to read today.  Sorry!

Indie and I did our usual swimming thing on Saturday morning.  We went over to our friends’ house for dinner that evening so no other adventures for Indie and I as I went home to get some food ready.  I made a rhubarb crisp.  So delicious!  I’ve decided when I bake, I will use real butter.  No more margarine.  It’s just not as good. My ass is fat anyways, might as well enjoy life and food. 🙂

Sunday we mostly just hung out about the house.  Indie and I took one little trip to Joanne’s and Trader Joe’s. I did decide to tackle the laundry.  Still have a little left to finish up tonight, but almost through it all. Whew!  New plan to make Sunday laundry day so we’re all set for the week and it’s way easier to do 1-2 loads of laundry instead of waiting and doing 6-7.

I did spend quite a bit of time sewing this weekend.  I’ll have to get some pictures for you all.  I made a silly bright yellow dress with lemons on it and I’m working on some kids clothes for my sis to use during a photo shoot/to sell in my etsy shop so be on the look out for those updates.

Hope you all had great weekends!


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