Baby Monster Does Cute Human Things

Indie does cute baby human things.  See examples below:

drink sippy cup using little cub mitts.

new tricksies from baby bear cub where he holds the sippy cup with his teeth and does not use his hands to help with the drinking.  That way he can hold other things while he walks around while drinking.  multitasking baby takes after his mom.  He has lots of baby things to take care of so he has to conserve time.

Is testing out how the kitchen floor handles a cute bear cub laying on his tummy and “reading” books about monsters.  So far so good.

An important part of reading is to make sure you can really become absorbed in the subject of your book.  Indie chooses to do this by seeing how his reading literature tastes.  Here’s what I imagine he thinks: Hm what does monster fur taste like? oh that’s it, I always wondered.  Now I feel so much more in tune with this literature I am reading. Now perhaps I should move on to more intense literature such as the cat and the hat.


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