My Kitchen Will Rock Your Face Off!

What what! The kitchen is finally complete!  We’ve been without a true kitchen since about January.  It’s been really effing annoying and that’s coming from a girl who doesn’t even cook that much.  It was also really hard to accommodate my pizza habits without a proper kitchen. I thought I’d walk you through the project so you can see the awesomeness.

Here are the before pictures.  Notice that there is a wall.  A giant green wall. This is trying to look into the kitchen from the living room.  I feel so separated.  Where is the sense of mingling and happiness around the food?  Oh, I would have to walk to the other side of the wall through one of the doorways?  That’s just balls!

View of the wall from inside the kitchen.  This is how women in the 50s were kept down.  They were blocked in by walls and not allowed to mingle with the guests and the men folk.  No sir, they had to put on an apron and remain in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant.  Not in our house!  Hm… maybe I should have kept the wall because being pregnant equals all the cheesecakes I wants and I wants lots of cheesecake.

Here’s a view of the rest of the kitchen.  There were actually more cabinets where there is white space in this picture, but I forgot to snap a picture before Eric took the cabinets down.  Oops! Look how ugly those cabinets are?  And who painted the walls the same colour as masking tape?  Why did we buy this house with this horrible kitchen?

And now to Phase 2.

Oh notice how that pesky, macho wall is now gone!  Of course this allowed us to see the ugly paint and cabinets so yucky!!

Phase 3

Painted a pretty town blue!  And look at that sexy floor.  That was put in by my sexy husband.  He had minimal help because I’m basically useless when it comes to actually helping him.

Oh looking into the living room from the kitchen.  Can’t you picture all the inviting foods and beverages that will one day grace that wall?  Hopefully it will be of the cheesecake and vodka variety.  yeah that’s right cheesecake and vodka.

Phase 4

Cabinets are in place! Holla! And a fake countertop.  We had this for quite a while.  I missed the dishwasher in a bad kind of way!

Phase 5

Get ready for the sexy!  Oh look at that island that opens the kitchen invitingly into the living room.  I can just picture the folks standing around and socializing whilst I mix a drink and make tiny obscure food.

This picture shows what the island looks like when Indie stands next to it.  Exciting, right?

Oh hello new window!  Look at my shelves by the window!   This is also the counter area where I plan to make my obnoxious amounts of bento boxes.

Our faucet is full of the super hotness.  I understand if you want to come over wash my dishes. My mom will be even happier to visit especially when I pawn the dishes off on her.

The kitchen as a whole from the living room.  No more pesky wall! 

Oh levels of the island!  It’s just like Lost!

We actually still have to get a new garbage disposal, do a little touch up painting, and put in the lights and the kitchen will be 100% complete!  Next I will move everything back in and organize.  We now feel obligated to have more people over since we have modified the house to be there much more social



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4 responses to “My Kitchen Will Rock Your Face Off!

  1. bernadette

    you are right…i do love the faucet and the sink is the sexist thing ever!! the counter tops really tie the color and the design together. you guys did a great job!!!

  2. libby

    Love it!! love your commentary more! Indie looks like one of the lovely Price is Right models – “Say hello to your new…. KITCHEN!” and the crowd goes wild….

  3. You must be so excited to have a new kitchen. That’s awesome. It is so much better when you can interact with the rest of the family while your cooking.

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