I think I’m in Love

Have you heard about bento boxes? 

At the most basic level a bento box is a single-portion meal common in Japanese cuisine.  But it is oh so much more than that. 

Bento may be some of the cutest food ever!!!  I am so going to make this for Indie when he’s a bit older and will appreciate it/maybe pick it up himself to eat it.

How could you resist eating all that healthy yummy food?  It’s soooo cute!

Now they don’t always have to be so complicated.  This one is simple and still so amazingly cute.

There’s also “grown up” versions, but I might like the kiddy ones better.

I’m also seeing that there is a portion control benefit here.  I’m so buying a bento box for lunches.  I probably won’t do anything fancy, but I still like the idea.

Want to know more about bento boxes?

Check out this blog: Adventures in Bentomaking

I’m totally buying this book: Yum Yum Bento Box

Happy bento making!

(all images from weheartit.com)


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