Weekend Fun

We had quite a fun weekend this weekend.  We accomplished a lot and still managed to have a pretty good time.  On Friday afternoon we did some shopping and finally bought some new silverware.  Woohoo!  Since the kitchen is *fingers crossed* getting completed this Tuesday, we decided against buying more plastic cutlery and bought new silverware instead since our old stuff was well really old and pretty awful and a constant reminder of relationships that were. 🙂

Then a certain little bear got some new pjs!  When nana was here, she bought him some pjs and he seems to like them quite a bit so we picked up some more.  Check out those super hot tiger striped shorts.  I think they may  him look like a wrestler!

So Saturday we did our usual swimming and a bit of shopping, but other than that we stayed at home because it was rainy and cold.  Gross!  I did manage to actually get inspired and do a bit of crafting so that was fun.  I will post later as I crafted presents for someone so I’ll wait until they receive those presents.

Due to the fact that we did not get to go to the Saturday farmers market, Indie and I checked out the north side farmer’s market.  It’s way smaller, but way less busy and we were able to find everything we wanted/thought we needed. 

Yum, red velvet cupcake!  Can you ask for anything else?


Here’s a picture of the market.

Rhubarb and asparagus!  Yum!

Indie and I stopped by Lake Mendota (the rich people side) on the way home.  The houses there are freaking ridiculous.

Next it was time to finally put sand in the sand box.  Funny story: the guy at the hardware store told Eric he needed 20 bags of sand to fill the sandbox.  Eric bought 10.  We used 4.

I had a great mothers day.  All I wanted was donuts in bed for breakfast.  It was a fantastic morning!



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2 responses to “Weekend Fun

  1. bernadette

    love the grrrrr pjs and the belly sticking out is toooooo cute! the new silverware is rocking in your new special order drawer…very nice! i like the northern farmers mkt…doesn’t appear to be so overwhelming and you can mingle and look at stuff which can be a problem at the mkt at the capital in madison. so what are you going to do with the rhubarb?? have you tried the mkt in belleville yet?? hope all goes well tomorrow with the kitchen. please post pics! oh and the sandbox looks like a hit…the dude at home depot obviously never owned one or played in a sandbox before….20 bags…so glad eric had the sense not to get that many!!

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