My mother must love me…

because as I go through the stuff in my house I realize how much of the stuff in my house is stuff that I borrowed, er stole, from her and she still talks to me and invites me to her house.  

Here’s a small list of the items I spotted today:

  • Several pots and pans
  • Can opener
  • Several pairs of sewing scissors
  • A tape measure for sewing
  • A cute sewing tin that holds pins and needles (this reminds me of my childhood quite a bit)
  • A plethora of other sewing items like pins, safety pins, thread, etc

Sorry mom!  I totally owe you!  Oh and she must love me because she still talks to me even though I send everything late, including this years mother’s day present.



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2 responses to “My mother must love me…

  1. bernadette

    you better not be sending that stuff back to me!!!

    and i grab all your clothes at your yardsales!!

    give and take…

    love, your mom

  2. bernadette

    like the new look…

    happy mothers day…

    love ya…


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