Weekend Fun

We had such a great time this weekend. My mom was in town and I had Thursday and Friday off of work in preparation for our yard sale.  We decided to join in on the community wide yard sale fun and boy was it fun. This was my first Wisconson yard sale and we had quite an array of folks stop by.  Also, we really bad at introducing ourselves so although we’re about to start our 4th year in our house, we’ve only met about 3 of the neighbors around us so there were quite a few nosey folks who stopped by to check us out and introduce themselves.  I always joke that our neighbors think that we’re teenagers and are wondering where our parents are. Indie also had a great time running around outside for two days straight. Everytime kids would come up to the house, Indie would run over to them and say Hi! So cute! So, yard sale is over and was a success.  I was considering the yard sale phase 1 in the decluttering and organization of the house.  So phase one is now complete!  Time for phase 2.

Then Eric, love of my life, put up the old kitchen cabinets in the garage, which was part of phase 2.  Me and mom went to drop off left over yard sale stuff at Goodwill and had breakfast at Panera with the baby bear and when we got back, Eric was hanging cabinets.  Quite a surprise!  Also soooo happy to have junk out of the house!

We also had a lot of fun with my mom.  It’s always so great when she visits.  Indie loves her so much too!  They have lots of fun together.  When we got home from dropping her off at the airport, Indie kept going to look for her in the guest room and seemed sad he couldn’t find her. We also appreciate that we usually get a date night when mom is in town (if we choose to take it 🙂 ), which this time we did.  We went over to New Glarus a little swiss town about 7 miles from us.  We went to the Glarner Stube and had a delicious dinner! Then we came home and had a fire.  All in all a great weekend.



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2 responses to “Weekend Fun

  1. bernadette

    oh the only thing that kept me smiling during my delta blues was the smiles, giggles and pics of my weekend with you, eric and indie!! i promise to get the pics posted. i work this week 7am-7pm and will remember my smiles and giggles all week long! thanks for the pj pics…indie is so looking like a little boy instead of a baby boy! always enjoy my stay..thanks! and the garage rocks!

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