Farewell Meat!

As of last weekend, I’ve decided to go vegetarian.  I was a vegetarian for a number of years in high school and then stopped because well it’s easier to not be a vegetarian.  I’m not a Peta crazy animal loving get in your face person, but I really just don’t see the benefits of eating meat.  And to also be honest, I have a somewhat hard time reconciling my love of all baby animals with eating them when they grow up….  Just not really working for me anymore.  I will not deny that I love a delicious juicy rare steak and I will miss some of my favourite sushi, but all in all this seems like a good choice for me right now.  It’s pretty funny because Eric is currently doing a mostly meat diet at the moment. 🙂  But like I said, I’m not soap boxing to anyone or trying to get in anyone’s face about this.  You may see some fun Lindsay tries new vegetarian recipes and let’s see how that turns out on the blog though.  Get excited!  And maybe someday I’ll get on a soap box about it, you know how I can be.  But for right now it’s more about a personal decision.

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3 responses to “Farewell Meat!

  1. bernadette

    i could go meatless. love legumes and other sources of protein but throwing a burger or a pork chop on the grill, add a salad and a beer and call it a chill and grill. just pure laziness on my part.

  2. Oh how wonderful! Tis true that an omnivore life is easier. I look forward to hearing more!

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