Weekend Fun

It’s been a while since I’f done a weekend fun post.  I think I stopped having fun in about January and finally realized I could still be having fun in life about a week ago. I’m blaming it on work and Wisconsin winter. Despite a rainy weekend, we had fun and took advantage of the rain and needing to be inside to do some yard sale prep.


  • Indie and I went swimming of course!  Swimming is one of our funnest activities on the weekend.  It was a bit of lifesaver this winter because it could be snowy and gross out and we’d get to swim in the heated warm pool and watch it snow outside.  Quite lovely.
  • It was a rainy weekend so no farmer’s market for us this weekend so Indie and I met up with my friend Jayme for brunch after swimming.  Indie had french toast with me. Yum!  He also had a bowl full of bananas.  He took all the bananas out of the bowl, tried to eat them off the table like a puppy and then he put them all back in the bowl and then he rubbed the banana that was on his hands in his hair. 🙂  Quite a brunch experience. 
  • Eric and I cleaned out the garage in preparation for the yard sale this coming weekend.  It was a bit easier than expected.  Mainly just alot of items left over from the kitchen remodel.
  • Then we lounged around for the rest of the day.  Fabulous!


  • Eric and I did some more yard sale sorting in the AM.  We got through the boxes in the workout room and through stuff under the stairs.  These are probably the two biggest areas to get through so that’s awesome!  Also found some amazing items from the past mainly my zines.  I had alot to say as a teenager.
  • Indie and I took a trip to Trader Joe’s. I LOVE trader joe’s.  We stocked up on lots of fruit and other yummies. I wish Trader Joe’s was closer to my house.  Although probably wouldn’t be ultimately good for our budget.  I tend to buy way more than I need there.

Weekend Indie Stories

Indie was a funny/cute boy this weekend.  Here are some stories for you

  • Indie gave me kisses this weekend.  I actually made fish lips at him and he gave me a kiss.  It was kind of a gross slimy baby kiss but still amazingly sweet and I gave him lots of hugs for it.
  • Indie has discovered spinning around in circles.  He doesn’t spin very fast at this point, but he does spin enough to get himself dizzy.  Hillarious!  Such a silly baby.
  • We’re not sure how this happened, but we feel it was a pretty advanced move:  We looked over and Indie was standing on one leg with a little green cup balancing on his other leg that was in the air.  He stayed that was for about a minute trying to reach the green cup on his foot with his hand.  Not sure how we got there, but it was funny.
  • Indie looked at us on Sunday and said “ha ha ha” Not a giggle not a regular laugh, just seriously ha ha ha.  It was soooo funny!

Enjoy your week!  I know I will as my week is only 3 days long this week.


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  1. bernadette

    what is the swimming schedule for the weekend swim/yard sale date?? i don’t mind manning the sale on sat am if you want to take indie swimming!?? i’ll be so glad to get on a plane and sleep!

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