Decision Made

I am going to attempt to get my MBA and still work my crazy full time job.  I know I’m insane.  But I have a couple of reasons for stressing myself out this much.

1. I have to keep working because I’m the one who works in our family so that’s the way it is.

2. Having an MBA will open more doors for career possibilities.

3. I miss thinking.  My job provides very few opportunities for true academic thinking and I find myself feeling more and more stupid on a daily basis.

4. I really enjoy overachieving.

So, I am going to start my GMAT studies and then apply.  Right now I’m looking into Penn State’s online MBA program.  I suppose I should look into others as well, but that’s the one I like so far.


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  1. bernadette hoyt

    your dad said that penn state has an awesome online mba program and is known worldwide!! and then you could be part of the family alumni … of course, i stay out of this sort of club…. i like garden clubs and things of that mindless sort 🙂 but i think you would do well with the studies…how long will it take you?

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