Today is the first day

of the rest of your life.  Cheesey I know, but that’s how I’m looking at it.  It’s my first day back to work after 4 days off and a terrible two weeks away that consisted of 18-20 hour work days, every day!  But today is like a reset.  There’s no reason for me to really work an 18 hour day at this point, really there’s very little reason for me to work over a 9 hour day if I schedule and plan appropriately.  So I consider it my responsibility to not allow work to happen to me, but to take control of my work situation.  Create some boundaries and stick by them.  If I’m already struggling to keep my work down to 45-50 hours, it means I don’t have the bandwidth to take on anything else.  I’m going to define some boundaries of what the new position I took that was supposedly less travel means and take a stand for myself and my actual life.  No one else is going to do this for me at work so I need to.  And I also need to constantly remember that work is not on the lookout for my interest at all and they will exploit their workers if given the chance.  It’s just business after all, it’s not personal.



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2 responses to “Today is the first day

  1. definitely true…there is something about realizing that you have control to say no. Helps your sanity:) I need to do more of it too:)

  2. bernadette hoyt

    boundaries are a much needed thing in all areas of our lives. and being a little irish doesn’t hurt either 😉

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