Goodbye March, Hello April

I am a big fan of April in Wisconsin.  I blame April for the reason why I moved to Wisconsin.  My interview for my job was in April of 2005.  It was beautiful in Madison and I thought I must live here. 

March is a precarious month in Wisconsin.  We were fortunate to have a fairly nice March this year.  Usually it can be somewhat gross with all the snow melting. 

April is full of warmth and sun.  Flowers start to bloom.  The farmer’s market opens.  I get to plant my garden. We take walks.  It’s time to break out the skirts.  It’s all just glorious.  I’ll be out of Wisconsin until the 14th, but after that I get about 4 days off so it will be fantastic!

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2 responses to “Goodbye March, Hello April

  1. bernadette hoyt

    sometimes i think march is the new february…it just takes forever!!! the last few days have been yummy! it’s nice to be working outside again. mr big is loving the backyard and the fence. the dogs can now roam about freely…little tiffs on the occasion…but big buds most of the time. will be working on my yard sale plane ticket. get out and breathe some fresh air while u r working!! i do love april…your dad and i will be married 32yrs!! we are going camping to celebrate in the rollin kennel….fun times!

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