Who are you in the zombie apocalypse?

I might have a small unhealthy obsession with zombies and the zombie apocalypse.  So during a moment of trying to make it through the day today I thought would I be unhappy if it was the zombie apocalypse right now? And I thought no, because I always consider that me and my family will be the ones to survive.  Apparently I have a high opinion of my survival skills.  Perhaps I should start working on my fitness.

Recently I have been the complainy girl that you’re just hoping will die already in the movie, but now that I realize that in my mind I see myself as capable of being the survivor girl I think I’m just going to approach my work situation as such.  Watch out work, I will be destroying your brains in no time!



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2 responses to “Who are you in the zombie apocalypse?

  1. bernadette hoyt

    well i’m not quite sure of my zombie survival rate …being i was just introduced to this topic this past week as i watched zombieland. but i do know to double tap, wear your seat belt and always have a crazy friend named tallahasse hanging about!!

    and now i approach life situations like it’s me vs them 😉

    and i may not often be right but i am never wrong:)

  2. Yes! I love it! A great attitude to take and you will definitely survive because you are awesome! I, on the other hand, can pretty much say with confidence that I am a weeny in the whole zombie realm and probably wouldn’t last that long:)

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