Indie Turns 1!

Today was Indie’s first birthday!  We are so very lucky to have such an amazing little boy in our lives.  He’s funny, smart, sweet and basically awesome.  We had a fun day together as I took off work to make sure I could spend the day with the baby bear. 

Awesome things about Indie:

  • He’s an expert walker for a 1 year old, still learning to walk on the grass
  • So far, he will eat anything I give him, which is awesome and I know won’t last 🙂
  • He LOVES water!  Bath time is sure to always be met with smiles and giggles and swimming lessons are one of his fave activities during the week
  • He did receive his first haircut the other day and now he has a super hipster emo hairstyle

We’re having his party on Saturday so pictures will be posted at that point.



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2 responses to “Indie Turns 1!

  1. bernadette hoyt

    and he is adorable!! and it’s so fun to watch lena and him play with each other and fight over toys 🙂

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