Indie “says” funny things

Indie has really started communicating with us with words, actions and other various methods.  A few stories below.

Bath Time Communication:

We play a little game in the bath with the bath toys.  I say “Indie what does x say?” and then I say what it says and he looks somewhat amused.  So this was how it went down on Saturday:

Me: “Indie, what does  a duck say? quack! quack!”

Indie: looks at me

Me: “Indie, what does a dolphin say?  eeee eeee!”

Indie: “eeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

Me: “Indie, what does an Indie say?”

Indie: looks at me and growls

oh so appropriate!  My little wild animal.

Communication at the park:

Today it was pretty enough to go to the park. So Indie and I did.  He had a good time swinging and running on the grass.  However, since he has learned to walk, there has been snow on the ground, so this was his first experience walking on grass.  There were quite a few spills, but he stood back up and carried on.  After one particularly bad spill, I asked him “are you okay?” and he looked right at me and said “Yeah” and stood back up and took off again.

Dinner time fun:

Someone has learned how to wave hi.  During dinner I turned away for a minute and when I turned around someone was waving hi to me.  Then I waved back and said hi and he thought it was so funny and waved at me again.  He also waved to me while he was getting his diapered changed before bed.

I’m excited to see what other things Indie “says” to us in the coming months.


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  1. bernadette hoyt

    oh i can’t wait to see him and you guys again!! oh to hear that little indie voice!! i bet he loved the park…wow, the last time i took him he could hardly sit in the swing and now he is running in the grass!! thanks for sharing indie stories 🙂

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