This time last year…

This time last year, we were anxiously awaiting Indie’s entrance into the world.  My mom and dad were in town and the boys went to Canoecopia and mom and I went I think to walk around the mall.  All I know is that I definitely made everyone walk way too much in hopes of finally going into labor.  It was also the infamous day that after canoecopia mom and I met Eric and dad at The Great Dane and they were a little tipsy and will forever be known as the day dad said about his lunch “it’s so good, it’s like I’m in the islands!” Hillarious!


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  1. bernadette hoyt

    and it was just one lil’ol porter which created such hysteria!! and indie did come … whether or not you walked… but we did feel better doing something while we waited! and just think if indie had come earlier he would not have such a lucky birthday 😉

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