We worked really hard this weekend… It was bananas.  But the kitchen is painted, we touched up the green in the living room, painted the ceiling and put in the flooring.  Plus chased around a crazy baby.

So you’re probably wondering, where are the pictures Lindsay?  We want to see the progress.  Well I’m actually not posting pictures on purpose, not because I’m lazy.  We want to wait until it’s finished, then I’ll post one giant post to show you the whole project.  I am so excited to get the kitchen put back together.  It’s a mess in the house and I’m quite frankly getting tired of eating take out and convenience foods.

Here are some Indie pictures and stories to keep you happy though.

We went swimming this weekend and Indie had a blast!  He was splashing and still trying to escape to swim on his own.  He was super excited to see Frank and had a great time swimming under the water.  He also managed to get the rest of the class going with splashing as well.  He’s feeling much better and you can tell he’s really excited not to feel so sick anymore.  Just a few more days of antibiotics left and hopefully we’ll be over our first sickness.

Indie has gotten kind of silly and roly poly.  When he’s tried he’ll find a blanket, pillow or any large soft stuffed animal and snuggle with it on the floor and suck his thumb.  Too cute!

Indie in his dad’s hat

I’m off to Indiana for the week!  At least it’s driving travel and not flying.  I hate airports.  Such a waste of time!



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2 responses to “whew!

  1. bernadette hoyt

    oh he is getting to be a little boy and no more baby. what are your plans for his weds, mar 17th birthday? your dad had a suggestion for a birthday place…belleville has a community hall near your house by the park we go to when we visit you. we just bought a 1978 camper trailer..it’s great and retro and we are so going to give it it’s cutesy look. it is real simple but we miss camping and boarding the dogs all the time is pricey. so it’s really our rollin’ kennel!! tell indie he can come camping with nana and pops..it has a bunk like pops/grammie camper. and your kitchen is gonna rock when it’s done..well done you guys 🙂

  2. purposefulchaos

    oh a camper how very fun! I do fondly remember pop pop and grammy’s camper.

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