Please don’t let Diablo Cody write anything else!

Dear Diablo Cody,

I’ve tried to get on the Diablo Cody train.  I want to like your movies.  I want to believe the hype that you can actually write a decent script.  But every time I am completely disappointed.  I really can’t believe that you couldn’t get me on board with Juno.  I mean, I love Michael Cera and I think Ellen Page is an excellent actress. We only made it through 10 minutes of Jennifer’s Body and we enjoy most horroresque movies.  I also see that you’re writing a zombie genre movie.  I can’t wait to be disappointed by that as well, which will be especially upsetting because I love zombies.

Most of all I wish you can could write a script which number 1 used any phrase that actual people use (salty morsels? really? who says that? Other than maybe you…) and number 2 didn’t scream at every turn “look how interesting I am! look how interesting I am!” Your scripts are like one of Lady Gaga’s outfits.

Please stop writing scripts so that I am no longer compelled to think maybe this one will be better….


L-boogie (who would like several hours of her life back, you owe me bitch!)



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3 responses to “Please don’t let Diablo Cody write anything else!

  1. bernadette hoyt

    not quite sure what all this is about…but my guess is that you were not satisfied with your newest purchase of zombieland!!

  2. purposefulchaos

    oh no, I was completely satisfied with Zombieland! it was amazing! This is because of a failed attempt to watch Jennifer’s Body, which sucked!

  3. bernadette hoyt

    so glad that zombieland was okie dokie! the harry potter movies are quite amazing…the story line is very intricate. do the books follow the movies as closely??

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