It’s going to be a busy weekend

This weekend we are going to swim (and pretend that we’re at this fantastic pool/resort)


And paint

 lay some flooring

List some things on ebay

And who knows what else!!



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3 responses to “It’s going to be a busy weekend

  1. bernadette hoyt

    wow….but just think all the stuff you are getting done! indie must be feeling better if you are back swimming at the verona/fitchburg spa!! and is the kitchen looking good?? what color paint are you going with??? is going to be so kitchy wonderful!!

    we too…busy busy busy! it’s going to be gorgeous…50’s! so this morning i am grabbing lena…i haven’t seen her all week and we are doing some running around. our last outing will be at fountain city park and then we return by 1pm.

    i then am cleaning a few windows…wash rugs and get this house cleaned. i am very behind! we then chill and grill this evening and i will then do laundry tonight.

    on sunday it is going to be in the 60’s…so in the morning i am going to clean up the yard. and then hit up joanns on our way to cove lake for a picnic and canoeing.

    that’s the plan in my head…which has made it to paper…and we’ll see how real it becomes 🙂

    have fun doing all you are doing and hugs and kisses to my indie!! wow…he is a yr old soon! also…i’m going to party city for some fun st pat/birthday stuff today!!

  2. I’m going to a lake and will pretend that I’m with you on that tropical island 🙂

    Can’t wait to see pictures of your kitchen!

  3. bernadette hoyt

    well, windows were opened…the rugs got cleaned and then went to big lots for st pat stuff and became captivated by curtains and decided i need new colors and a new look in my house….so that took some unexpected time but i am happy with the beginning of this process!! puppies played outside all day and now it’s some harry potter time!

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